Family law is the collection of laws and legislation that are related to the issue which impacts a family relationship. Family law is always seen relating to a divorce proceeding, but the reality is that it covers a lot of issues that families deal with in their personal life.

Family laws ensure that the rights and responsibilities of your family members are protected under any situation. Family law is designed in a way to help all the members of the family achieve fair and equitable results. It is the most emotionally charged area of law which deals with failing relationships and resolving conflicts. A family lawyer requires not just a good knowledge of the law but also a good understanding of how to understand people and know a way to support them with sensitivity. For many families, divorce mediation is a less conflictual way to end a marriage.

Types of laws

Family law is diverse and practices include a wide area of topics, which are generally categorized into financial, matrimonial, and child related. Some topics family law covers include


Family Law relating to divorce includes all the aspects of ending a marriage, which includes separation of assets, financial and child support, and child custody or parenting plan.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation agreements

Prenuptial and Cohabitation

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement signed before marriage in which both the parties agree to guidelines for division of assets and spousal support should their marriage end in divorce. And if you are not willing to marry in the near future, you can easily take up a cohabitation agreement which is similar to a prenuptial agreement that safeguards the assets of both the parties if they part  ways.

Finances for the unmarried

When an unmarried couple splits, they will have often acquired assets together. It is very difficult to bring unmarried couples into the legal framework and provide them with good legal advice and achieve fair resolutions because the laws about joint property and property division are generally specific to marriage and divorce, not other relationships.



Child Arrangement Orders are the most difficult of any relationship and are one of the most important. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement between themselves, family law provides them with the guidance to deal with such issues. If the family has become involved with the local authorities, it is essential for family members to understand the rights and responsibilities of the parents when children are involved.

Domestic Abuse

When there is any form of domestic abuse, the safety of those involved, is the priority. Family law system provides with options by individually tailoring the assistance as it is one of the vital tools to provide safety to the victims of abuse. Also, the abuse might be towards children and how to take proper steps to ensure their mental and physical protection.